Thursday, August 28, 2008

Angelic Eyes

Steve often experimented his photography techniques on our daughter Deliverance, when she was little. Which resulted in some of my favorites still today.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Ultimate Percussion

Some people enjoy a nice symphonic concert, but I'll choose a precision drum corps routine any day.
Top Secret Drum Corps from Switzerland

Monday, August 4, 2008

River Of Life

Stevie and I were gone for 4 days to see my family outside the Detroit area. It takes just over 4 hours to drive there if I make no stops, which is easy if I have some interesting tapes to listen to.

Steve goes with us a couple of times a year, and he doesn't mind me going extra times so I can see them more often. I wait til he has some time off work, that's easier for both of us.

For at least 12 years my parents have had a tree "snake" of Impatiens in their front yard by the street. Mom calls it a river of life, it looks like it flows out of the tree. Dad puts a soaker hose along it so it doesn't dry out and stays full and showy. It makes for a pretty photo when we get our pictures taken by it.

The top picture is with the one they made last year when it became a little sparse, so you may be able to see how the flowers are planted into the snake.
For some reason the photos appear fuzzy, but you can click on some of them to see them clearly and bigger.

It is quite a job to plant the holes each year but the display all summer is well worth it. Mom always used to make the "snake" every 5 yrs or so (because the chicken wire rusts and breaks, then dad would tie it to the tree and place the soaker hose on top, then she'd plant the flowers in each hole. This year my sister Sue (pictured at top), her daughter Nichole and dad made a new snake, hung it and planted it.

The materials are landscape cloth, a 2" chicken wire, hot glue (to make the cloth into a sack), a "soil" made of pearlite and coconut bark, something to tie it to the tree and a black soaker hose. Depending on your tree size you make it as skinny or wide as you want, and as long or short. Theirs took 5 flats of Impatiens. If anyone has questions about specifics just leave a comment.

Wouldn't we all love to have this beauty in our own yard? Maybe someday I'll have the enthusiasm to attempt it. Mom says it wasn't difficult, especially if you have someone to help it go faster.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

My Man

Today is Steve's 53rd birthday (sorry, but he says he doesn't like his picture put on the internet for all to gawk at). He often teases me with witty remarks about being older than him, (just 6 wks) so I lord it over him by reminding him to mind his elders. Best friends can joke around like that occasionally without feeling bruised.
I respect the effort he puts into our relationship. He's my gentle leader, confidante, comfort giver, hard working provider, and I could make a list long enough for you to begin rolling your eyes at my gushing. He brags on me to his co-workers, but this is one of my only soap boxes to voice my declarations. He makes it clear to me that home is always where he'd rather be than anywhere. Isn't it true that each time we realize our husbands' efforts it inspires us to demonstrate our love for them even more?

That's how the church should respond to Christ's love. His daily blessings surround His own children whether we recognize and appreciate it or not. Our willing responses of obedience, our admiration and gratitude for all that we realize about His attributes, cause lifestyle changes as we mature, which is true worship, all that he desires of us. To be a living example of Himself.

I want to give Steve this song, and I think it will be enjoyable to all you romantics as well. I find comfort in knowing that we like to take care of each other.