Monday, April 1, 2013

The New Scooby Debut

...Aaand we have PUPPY! .... a 2 yr old puppy that is. All dogs to me are puppies. He's a Pitbull Terrier, much smaller than the AmStaff that we had been used to for the last 13 yrs, and we rescued him from our local shelter. I spent some personal time with him to get an idea of his personality and I could see a lot of potential.

We already knew we wanted to keep the name of our previous dog,

Scooby. Partly in his memory and partly because I once heard that it was used as a name for someone you like to spend all your time with, and partly because it's an endearing enough name to offset peoples apprehensions about Pit bulls. It turned out good that he is all brown (well, brindle) like the cartoon Scooby Doo.

We're pleased that he is a fast learner and has a calm temperament, except for those necessary times of burning up some energy (and stubbornness) and the occasional curiosity about the goodies in the bathroom wastebasket. So when we're away or asleep he gets locked in his kennel with a treat and a toy. It's probably the most comfortable place in the house and since he likes to take his naps in there I'm guessing it makes him feel safe & secure.

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