Monday, February 14, 2011

We're Still Valentines

People might think that Steve and I are a little delusional but after all these years we're still in love with each other. Well, I think Steve is lupie anyway, he still tells me I'm pretty, haha. Along with all the years of happy and loving memories we've had our share of fights and sometimes long periods of distancing. But it seems each time we've make the choice to tough it through taught us to prove the amount of love that was there to make a vow on, and seemed to produce some kind of a glue. I know that toughing it through doesn't guarantee to make your love and gratitude for the other spouse grow, in some cases it can cause repressed bitterness. That requires a hard think, a changed mindset. Paul said he had come to a point where he could do all things in Christ. Through God's strength he could adjust to any situation he found himself in. I've heard of tortured Christians adjusting their mindset to where they could thank God for their situation and serve Him there joyfully. That is really putting to the test "In everything give thanks", but it also shows it is possible. I don't know why our Father even bothers to be so merciful with our marriage. There is no promise of having good without taking the bad as long as we're in this ol' world.

Along with those romantic candlelight meals we also have to learn to eat crow and swallow pride and unfairness. Sometimes marriage can be a battle ground (battle of the wills anyway) and making the decision to stay and care about the person God chose for you has brought us a closer friendship and a comforting assurance of our love, knowing what we can expect and hope in each other's commitment. Marriage is more than giving your word to someone, which doesn't seem to be as highly honored as it used to. It is more importantly a vow made to your Father (who wants to help you keep it, and Who will hold you to it) and trusting the outcome to Him. I know, easier said than done. Like I said I don't know why He let's our marriage slip on through.

My heart goes out to those who have a lot more hardship in their marriage than we've had. My previous words don't imply that God won't tolerate divorce within His described guidelines because we are imperfect people, but there are consequences for rebellion, and blessings for obedience. Although we like to give God a deadline for receiving those blessings, He brings them in His timing, which is more perfect than whatever time we are expecting. He created time and He created what He wants time to bring with it. The ultimate end and blessing? Our time of eternity with Him.