Monday, June 28, 2010

Puzzling Time

On our most recent ladies night we decided to work a puzzle before dinner (pizza) and then our usual card games.

We've become used to half focusing on the movie playing in the next room where Stevie is sitting close by.
He is half watching the movie and half trying to interact with us, because Pat and Linda like to tease him, and they know he so enjoys it.

It's nice to have a Christian support system.
When you're with those who have the same values you feel comfortable discussing what is going on your lives. You know they understand what you are feeling, and will have the kind of advice or encouragement you can really use. You can rely on them for good clean fun and meaningful relationships. When we have a conflict, God has instilled in us the desire to reconcile because we are part of His body.
Part of our maturity comes from being accountable for our failings. When we don't have that warmth from each other we are like a lone coal, our spiritual life grows cold.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy 57th Anniversary my mom & dad.

I was their 3rd anniversary present, on the longest day of the year. When I was little it always felt like a festive week with 4 celebrations, cause it was just after Father's day and my mom's birthday was 2 days after mine.

My mom always had a party every year for each of us kids' birthdays, she didn't have a very happy childhood. I always thought that was the norm for everyone until one year a friend commented on how cool that was.

So, now that I look back on it, their anniversary never overshadowed my day, isn't that just like good parents.

They would still go out to dinner and a show, or a weekend getaway. When I turned 12 they went on a week long trip and mom sent my cake (she was a cake decorator) with me to stay at my grandma's, where we watched the moon landing.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Spider Bite

Be careful. I thought I was, didn't even see a spider, or realized that I was bit. Saw this hours after coming inside from cleaning our pool cover.

The next day it started getting hard, itchy and a little purple. The ER doc said it really looked like it was from some kind of spider.

20 hours in the Hospital. IV of 2 antibiotics, steroid and morphine.

I was told if the swelling area gets bigger than 2" diameter, seek help.

Mine ended up being 6" while I was in ER.