Sunday, November 29, 2009

Big Root

As I was clearing out a section of our black raspberry patch to put in some red raspberry bushes in their place when I found this really long deep-yellow root. It lifted out of the dirt easily and it trailed all the way into the line of trees that border our yard.

It got to where it was too deep for me to keep pulling it out so I can't tell which tree it is coming from for sure, but maybe this one that has a yellowish hue to it. Does anyone know what kind of tree that is? I can't tell what kind of leaves it has.

I wonder if the tree will die if I cut that root off so I can plant my raspberry bushes?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Facebook Addicts

These are funny, but also makes you think. Be careful how much of your life you waste and how much information you give people on a daily basis.
I do enjoy facebook but just like this blog, I'm not on it that much.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Another Birthday Already?

I don't wanna believe she's 33
Not only are you a great daughter, but it's saying something when your brother thinks you're a great "Sissy".

Happy birthday Deliverance! We love you.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Officially A Country Girl?

Well, maybe not, but I felt like it, a little.
I haven't birthed a calf, plowed the lower 40 or cleaned stables, but Steve taught me how to use the tractor -mower to sweep up leaves. We've had this large yard for a year now so I thought I otta learn how to use it. Steve loves to mow the lawn and it's his new toy so he still considers it fun. Well now I know what he means, I had a blast. When the yard was more than half way done he wanted to finish it up (do ya think I made him beg?).
Most of the leaves come from these 2 huge Maples, and it does cover most of the back yard. There are some small deciduous trees along the sides mixed in with all the White Pines but we don't bother raking under there. All that can grow under them anyway are weeds that the pine needles can't kill off (including poison ivy).

Stevie had to help pick up apples from our tree so the mower wouldn't squish too many of them. I didn't realize there were so many, we've got them piled under the tree, thrown under the pines, in the compost pile (behind the leaf pile), and even in the brush pile that we're trying to clear out by burnings in the fire pit that Josh made.
With this being our first summer here we didn't try to learn about spraying the apple tree so there weren't any edible ones.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Nursing Home Parties

Steve's mom has been in the nursing home for about 6 months now and seems to be comfortable. She doesn't complain anyway but one of us checks in on her every day so we now when something is not good with her. Here she is at a Halloween party there with me and with one of the nurses in costume. Below, she's with Barb and Lee at a Red Hat party (and kissing the guest singer).

We have each taken our turns at being mom's mediator with the dr and nurses. Steve's sister Barb is especially good at making them accountable so I think they now know that we aren't going to let things slack off where mom is concerned.

Her dementia is not bad during the day, but she gets a heavy case of Sundowners syndrome as evening comes on. She's still sweet and polite but during that time she gets so confused you can't really talk with her. There's been occasions where I think she is trying to place my face, though she won't say so, but she is always so grateful for our visits and concern for her. She's been a good mother-in-law to me.