Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Saying Goodbye Isn't Quite as Bad As It Used To Be

Our very dear friends are moving from our area (NW Ind) to Oklahoma. Stevie and Shawn have known each other fro many years since early rehab classes, and now they are young men about to enter their 30's. Their vocabulary may not be easily understood by anyone else but they communicated perfectly to each other and even though, because of a 40 min drive, they didn't get together often they were always best friends and their phone calls could last up to an hour. I cherished the time spent and the phone calls with his mom Bonnie as well. Besides having sons with Down Syndrome in common, we are Christian sisters and could share our life, knowing we could understand where each other was coming from.

This social networking age makes it less sad, and less difficult to keep relations going pretty much the same, except for the physical contact you crave from someone's company. We have still yet to get the Skype camera thing up and going but that will help take care of one void when you long to see a friendly face you've been missing.