Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Anniversary To My Mom & Dad

They were married at age 19 and today my parents celebrate 56 years of marriage.
In the seventies, when I got married, it seemed most kids were getting married right out of High School. It's an interesting fact that the average age that couples get married today in America, Canada and Europe is in their late twenties.
The last half of June has always been a little busy in our family, with Father's Day, their anniversary, my birthday, then mom's birthday 2 days later. When I got married, Steve's parent's anniversary was added to the mix (read this about June weddings).

I've been blessed to have grown up with parents who have a healthy marriage, even though they did not become followers of Christ until I was a teen. Just by observing them, us kids had no doubt that they loved each other. Even in those tense moments that every couple has, we had no reason not to think that things would end up being okay. Having 3 kids in their teens at the same time must have really put them through the wringer. Nobody "parents" in the same way, and at times I'm sure they had to close their eyes and wing it (haven't we all?). So I give them much credit for facing up to all that was thrown at them.

When we started raising our own kids I began to appreciate what is involved with such a tough responsibility, and the limits of our humanness. The Lord gave me parents that didn't give up, on their marriage or their parenting. They cared about how we were turning out and provided a stable lifestyle, which is not a "given" in life, and shouldn't be taken for granted. So thanks, mom and dad, for loving us through the pain we put you through, and even now putting up with all of our different quirks that make up our own unique individualities.

(I am the middle child, with the Saucy Walker doll as big as my little sister.)

PS - I have the honor of BEING a present to them on their 3rd anniversary. That makes me 53 today.


Cherdecor said...

I love this post! Your mother was pretty but she got prettier with age.

My, what a big doll you had! It looks like you came from a very loving home. You were blessed! You have a wonderful family.

Anonymous said...

I have always appreciated grandma and grandpa's strength and love for eachother. It has been a blessing to both Josh and I to have them as grandparents.