Thursday, February 5, 2009

We Had A Blizzard !

I thought I'd get some errands done before it started, but all stores are a 15 min drive from us and I got caught out in it. It was a white-out on the way home and I could barely see the tail lights of the car ahead of me, so everyone was going about 15 mph, which took me 3x as long to get home as the snow got deeper and deeper.
It continued through the next day also.

Here's what Stevie saw through his bedroom window.

After a lot of work from Steve, Josh and Deliverance - a nice clean driveway.

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Cherdecor said...

What a beautiful winter wonderland! I am glad that everyone got home safely through the blizzard.

So far, we haven't experienced a lot of snow yet this year. I know that it could happen any day.

It warmed a little this weekend and the bird were singing their little heads off. I noticed that the shrubbery beside the front door is sprouting up little sprouts of growth. Who knows, maybe we will go right into spring, but I wouldn't bet on it.