Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's Throwback Thursday

My mom liked to perm mine and my sister's hair. Oh, these are my grandma and great grandma, they had nothing to do with it, other than maybe lots of tongue-biting and sympathy-showering.

And why can't my bangs look as good as my sisters in that bottom photo? Being the older, controlling sister, I was jealous!
By that time we refused the home perms but she still cut our bangs, by holding them down flat with one hand and cutting with the other.
Looks like Susan is about due for getting her's messed up again.

This photo was when we had to tolerate having our pony tails being held in place with "Dippity-Do" for that sleek, shiny plastic look.
Mom liked playing with our long hair.

Then there were all the fads we actually WANTED to do to our hair. Remember ironing our hair straight? the "Shag"? (Brits had fun with that one) spiral perms? sky-high bangs? and the "spiked" rats nest? My mom did the "bee-hive" thing for a while.
Why do we keep going along with the fads when we end up laughing at the old photos?

I never really liked to follow fads, too quiet to draw attention to myself. My other photos won't be of much interest or provide much giggle time, but you can always view the old movies with their stylish stars. Or get your hands on old beauty salon hair style books.

BTW, it looks so goofy when they used to make older era movies but give the women the hair styles of the modern day in which they were producing the movie. Glad they try to be a little more accurate with most of the movies now.

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