Tuesday, April 20, 2010

He Orchestrates My Life - some favorite quotes on trust

The Chisel - Ron Dicianni
Trust isn't trust until it's the hardest thing to do.

"God cares more about our character than our comforts." Warren Wiersby - (from Jn 1:2-4, Mt. 16:24-26) - He cares more about who we are becoming than how we are feeling.

"Accustom yourself in everything that happens to recognize the hand and will of God. Whether it be a great wrong done to you or little offenses in daily life. Before you consider the person who did it, be still and remember, God allows me to come into this trouble to see if I will glorify Him in it. This trial was allowed by God and is His will concerning me, so let me submit to that. Then with the peace which this gives I will receive wisdom to know how to behave. With my eye turned from man to God, suffering wrong takes on a new dimension. Jesus saw beyond the temporal injustice and was satisfied to leave vindication in God's hands (Peter 2:23). Let the believer follow Christ's example in this. It will give him such rest and peace." Andrew Murray

"If the disciples had known that Jesus was watching them would they have been frightened of the storm? suppose you expected your boat to be swamped at any moment. If you saw Him watching you from some hilltop would you be afraid? He might mean for you to go to the bottom, you know. But would you mind going to the bottom with Him looking at you? Floating on the sea of your troubles, see's He not your little boat now tossed with the waves? You are now as safe in your troubles as the disciples were. If you would only ask what God would have you do, you would find your confidence growing."
"The ship will go where the wind will take it, for He made the wind as well as the ship."
George MacDonald - The Parrish Papers

"the waves and winds STILL know His name" hymn -Be Still My Soul

"We may make bad choices and have poor judgment, but the ultimate consequence is controlled by a God whose sovereignty nothing has power to limit." This is the meaning of "all -powerful" and I can have peace knowing my life belongs to Him.


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