Sunday, May 23, 2010

Black Squirrel

I woke up one day last week to see a black squirrel feeding under our bird feeders.

Unlike some people, I was thrilled to see a squirrel of any kind. We've only had one (a red one) when we first moved in a year and a half ago, but he only stayed for a couple of months, and no sign of one since, so i had a bag of corn cobs sitting around until I threw it out a month ago.
I enjoy seeing them forage around, but I might feel differently if there were more than a few and they destroyed the bird feeders. I've read that black squirrels aren't very common and are more territorial than others, but I will welcome it if that's all I can get.

He was eating the oilers and peanuts that is in the weatherproof feeder I just put up. It fell off it's hook and spilled out the top.

This weatherproof feeder is designed to not let blowing snow or rain get into the holes. It has a slit all the way around the bottom for the birds to pick out the food under a shield. I got it on-line.
I didn't tighten the top hook enough and when the wind blew it around it came undone. It would be better if it had a swivel hook so the wind couldn't unscrew it. I don't like the wasted food after it rains or the holes get covered with snow and gets the food wet and clogged, so I splurged on this one since I really enjoy keeping the wide varieties of birds around.

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