Thursday, July 3, 2008

Throwback Thursday

When we were first married in 1974, a cheap place to get away for 1/2 a day was a small amusement park near us called Enchanted Forest. It's been gone for years now, as it was already old back then, but we have a few pictures to remember, like this one.


Cherdecor said...

I would like to see more pictures of this park. I like old things.

Have a happy Fourth of July with your family!

Anonymous said...

I remember going there on school trips. I think I have a picture of my friend next to that horse that I took with my (or your) little 110 camera.

Aimee said...

I love this photo from the amusement park! Do you have any more to post?

I was thinking that you should suggest that your local paper or weekly do a retrospective piece about that place! They may even use some of your pictures!

As We Sail... said...

I only have one of me standing at the outer fence and Steve firing at the shooting game. Neither one lets you know it's of that certain park, so it would probably be of no use. But if I find out who to let know that I have these pics I'll give them copies.