Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Wild Time

I wish I had taken pictures last Friday night, but I forgot to take the camera out of Steve's backpack that he took to work that night. It was his 6th 12 hr night, and 7 more scheduled (with a couple days off in between) because of people taking summer vacation weeks. Oh well, he will have his vacation weeks too.

Deliverance was shooting away with her camera, though. Deliverance, Josh and my friend Linda came over for dinner (Josh grilled, mmm). As usual Stevie stuck to Josh's side like glue the whole night. Then we went to the almost empty Walgreen parking lot for a perfect view of the city fireworks. It's easier than fighting traffic, searching for a space to sit or to park. Turns out, there were lots of other people setting off firework displays around the area that we could see from there too. What a show!

After that, we went back to our own street to set some off. This one Stevie is holding was the biggest one. As it was going off the residue rained down on us, but a lot of it missed those of us who were standing under our tree. There weren't very many mosquitoes either. The next day Deliverance said the city recycling bin for paper was overflowing with fireworks packaging.

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