Wednesday, April 29, 2009

One For The Memory Book

Remember at Christmastime when I said we took in Steve's mom to live with us because she can no longer safely take care of herself? My sister-in-law Barb and I had to take her to a Dr appointment one morning so Barb thought it would be good for mom to get a hair style, while we had her out, that would be a little easier for me to take care of. One that Barb wanted her to get for years now, a little more stylish. We also talked her into going with a more natural looking color for her age.

Since we would have to wait around while she had this make-over Barb made the appointment for all 3 of us to get some color highlights, a trim and a quick curl with the iron. Barb and I had about 4 different colors put on, and mom had 3. She was very hesitant to go shorter and gray-er, but she trusted Randy (our hairdresser who works wonders) and ended up being very pleased with the result. These are the before and after pics.

Mom's dementia has been effecting her more often so we thought she would like a soft stuffed animal to keep on her bed for all those spur of the moment hugs she always feels compelled to give. She picked out "Pinky" because she is so squishy. Mom has also been obsessed with having a watch that doesn't ride up her arm since she's lost a lot of weight. Barb has brought her so many that were still too big, but we happened across some childrens watches while looking for her "handy hugger" and she picked a pink one with angels (pink is her color). It thrills her to pieces that it stays on the wrist.

On the way home Barb stopped to pick up her husband Lee and they decided to treat us all at a Mexican restaurant. Mom was so tired she couldn't eat much, but was happy to stay out and show off her new "Do"

The events of that day had created a memory to cherish, because now mom is bedridden and suddenly over the last 2 weeks the dementia has her in constant confusion, so there will be no more special outings with her.


Lisa Nunley said...

What a special and memorable time with you mother. THank you for sharing this sweet story.

As We Sail... said...

Mom is now in a nursing home but she is okay with it. They take good care of her and have activities every day to keep her alert and content. someone from our family visits about 4 x a week to make sure she is still happy and her meds are still working okay.