Friday, May 1, 2009

Wary Bird

I caught this Rose Breasted Grosbeak spying on Deliverance preparing her garden beds down below him.
I could just imagine he wanted to make sure there was no threat of her coming after him before he would go for the food.

The Lord sure made an interesting variety of birds. They are all unique and beautiful. The longer I watch them, the more personality I see in them.

I guess Mr Grosbeak liked the assortment I had because he came back the next day and braved the rain. It looks like he spotted me in the window with the camera.


The Burns Family said...

I'm visiting via the Narretto Family Blog. Great pics of the grosbeak. We have them briefly this time of year in Arkansas...and coincidentally saw one 2 weeks ago at our feeders & didn't get a pic. I enjoyed seeing yours!

Cherdecor said...

If we have grosbeak around here, I haven't seen them. He certainly is a beautiful bird. It looks like he is determined to stick around in order to get to the food you put out for him. I enjoyed looking at the pictures of him and now I will be on the watch for that kind of bird.

In our backyard, I have only seen the little goldfinch, red birds, sparrows, black birds, crows, Titmouse, wrens, red finch and robins. There are a few more but nothing as pretty as your grosbeak.