Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Animal Rights

"Okay Joe, on 3 we jump that thief." This Grackle and Cow Bird look like they're ready to run off this squirrel. I love to observe the critters on my back deck and imagine what they are saying.

Well, they achieved their goal.

Grackles, Cow birds and Squirrels would be on my hit list if I had the nerve to use a beebee gun. They scare off, and eat all the food that attract, the pretty birds. When my grandpa was alive he did shoot squirrels and Blue Jays so that his favorite bird, Cardinals, would have more of a chance. He let us kids take home a squirrel tail once, which my mom promptly threw away. Being a mom now, I would too.

Male and female Cow Birds.

The squirrel was the first thing to find the bird food when we first moved here in November and wanted to start attracting pretty birds. Even though he was a baby, he ate a big part of the daily supply, Along with the raccoons that came at night. But the birds eventually started coming and the raccoons seem to have backed off.

I will be posting more pictures of the variety of birds we have around here. Somehow they all manage to fight for their right to the rations.

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Cherdecor said...

We are fortunate to have cardinals and yellow finch in our backyard. We do not feed them but our neighbor does. We see the neighborhood hawk swooping down once in a while but we think he gets only the Doves.

Squirrels, yeah, who needs them? They are big eater!