Monday, June 28, 2010

Puzzling Time

On our most recent ladies night we decided to work a puzzle before dinner (pizza) and then our usual card games.

We've become used to half focusing on the movie playing in the next room where Stevie is sitting close by.
He is half watching the movie and half trying to interact with us, because Pat and Linda like to tease him, and they know he so enjoys it.

It's nice to have a Christian support system.
When you're with those who have the same values you feel comfortable discussing what is going on your lives. You know they understand what you are feeling, and will have the kind of advice or encouragement you can really use. You can rely on them for good clean fun and meaningful relationships. When we have a conflict, God has instilled in us the desire to reconcile because we are part of His body.
Part of our maturity comes from being accountable for our failings. When we don't have that warmth from each other we are like a lone coal, our spiritual life grows cold.

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Cherdecor said...

I agree. Friends are like shade trees on a hot summer day. We need to take care of our friendships.