Sunday, July 22, 2012

Our Rock Through All The Ages

Many authors of the old hymns use almost poetic wording at times. It's worth it to take the time to understand what we are singing. 
Throughout the ages Messiah was prophesied as the only Redemption from our guilt, the Rock to build an uncrumbling faith on.  Our sin cannot be in the presence of God's holiness, so being a loving Father, God protected Moses from His presence using His own hand to shield him in a cleft of a rock, a picture of Messiah's salvation. Ex. 33:22.
When Christ's sacrifice became our ransom He provided our only access to God's presence, a hiding place from the Fathers justice. Just as Moses did not merit receiving God's presence or protection, it is only because of a loving Father's own choice that we receive unmerited favor from His own hand.
No amount of works or sorrow can justify us, we can only stand before the Father enrobed in the fulfillment of that ancient promise. Shielded within the protecting cleft of the One who paid the ransom for the demanded wages of our sinfulness.
Although Moses was burdened with trials traveling outside a homeland, God provided strength, sustenance and even joy, as well as a future hope. Just as he does for His own people today
"If we are of that ROCK, then we are the children of Abraham, the children of faith. We are in Christ Jesus, the Seed of Abraham. We are Sons of the same Father God, joint heirs with Christ, our ROCK" (Joseph Gaut - - Isaiah 51:1-2, Ephes 1:15, Rom 8:15


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