Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Stephen and His Mom's Friends

Stevie has no choice about some of his "friends". Since he must accompany me most of the time when I leave the house for very long he is forced to put up with my choice of friends.

I shouldn't say forced though, because he loves just about anything that gets him out of the house and has formed more of an attachment to my friends than I wonder that I have. After all he has grown up with them and they accommodate him joyfully with love as well as incessant teasing.

Our last big friend activity for this summer was a day trip to Saugatuck to ride the Star of Saugatuck, a 1 hr cruise with historical narration. Then to the exciting part, a 30 min dune ride. There was a 10 min stop on a hill overlooking the scenery with lake Michigan in the distance.

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