Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I've been Book Tagged

I've been book tagged by Anita @ Dorset Tales, to show what kinds of books I read.
Although my husband Steve has a large Christian library and loves learning (he's my biggest resource), I'm sorry to say that I'm not much of a reader. I do take on a whole book once in a while, even if I keep getting distracted I come back to finish. I also like to skim through the kinds of books that you really don't have to read from cover to cover, like reference, travel, etymology, flora, health, art, crafts and decorating...

For some reason I can't seem to stay with very many books that I would love to read. I guess I'm very undisciplined in that area, because I wish I could just have it read to me instead. So, as far as Christian growth, I enjoy audio teaching series, and an audio book occasionally. I agree with Reformed Theology, so some favorites are John MacArthur, RC Sproul, Mark Keeler, John Piper, James White, Kay Arthur, some that are on our Christian radio like David Jeremiah, Ravi Zacharias, Irwin Lutzer, as well as a local church that distributes dvd's of their pastor's teachings.
I also like to research from Bible study helps as I study a topic, or need to find a Biblical answer. Mostly commentaries and mostly on-line since it's quicker to find what I need for a topic. I don't rely on any one certain commentator, but I feel safe with the several that we have on our e-sword Bible computer program.

So here I go. I think I have actually read enough books over the years to be able to answer most of these questions below. I can imagine how hard it would be for those of you who are real readers to pick just one book as the answer. (These are not photos of me)

One book that changed my life - Bible
... you read more than once - Lord I Want To Know You (K. Arthur)
... you would take on a dessert island - Outdoor Survival Manual
... that made you laugh - Red Herrings and White Elephants (origin of metaphors)
... that made you cry - Angel Unaware (Dale Evans Rogers)
... you wish had been written - how to lose weight eating everything you want
... you wish had not been written - anything against the one true God (pornographic, satanic..)
... you are currently reading - Twelve Extraordinary Women (J. MacArthur)
... you are meaning to read - the Truth Matters (J. MacArthur)
... you most recently finished - In His Steps or Stepping Heavenward (read them around the same time)
... you never finished - The Last Sin Eater (but plan to)

I always feel uneasy tagging people, in case they don't want to do it, so I will leave this one up to whoever reads this, if you want to take it upon yourself to participate on your blog.


Cherdecor said...

I enjoyed reading your lists of books. I like all of those author too. However, I have only heard of John Piper this past year. I haven't read any of his books or sermons, but a lot of bloggers make reference to him.

I like listening over reading also. I enjoy washing dishes or folding laundry while I listen. My Christian radio station is on all day. I guess you would say I am addicted to it.

Have a good evening.

Nise' said...

If that book "how to lose weight eating everything you want" ever gets published, sign me up! LOL. I love Kay Arthur!

Anita said...

Thanks for being a good sport. I always enjoy reading your blog.

Barbara said...

Hi! Thanks for your comments. I came straight over to read your book post. Even thugh you are not an avid reader you answered them all.

It's amazing how having a real goal at the end gets you on the plane. Glad you made it.