Monday, January 28, 2008

A Simple Hippie Quickie Wedding

Steve and I celebrated 34 yrs of marriage on the 21st. We were both only 18 yrs old and knew each other only 5 months before that, 2 strikes against us. We were both disillusioned with the Bible college we were at and decided to leave after the first semester. We lived in different states and even though we were sure of our love we didn't want to test it with a long distance engagement. I think we really just didn't want to spend much time away from other, since we were already used to being with each other every day on campus. We decided to get married before we left so I could go home with Steve. I had a small savings account so his family got us into a trailer park the next day, found a cheap car, some groceries, and the steel mill hired him the next week (just as the money ran out - thank you Lord!). Steve has been a constant provider in a dirty and very taxing job, having to work a different shift each week. A mission field where he has stood out as a steady Christian witness.
I DO NOT think a courtship that short is a good idea, and statistics prove it. My parents tried to talk us into waiting, but you know how stubborn teenagers can be. Even so both sets of parents have always been very supporting and loving. A couple of people thought we HAD to get married, but Deliverance wasn't born for another 2 1/2 yrs.
Anyway, in spite of our foolishness and through all our marital ups and downs we faithfully sought the Lord for guidance and He blessed us with deeper love and hopefully a little more wisdom.

Happy Anniversary honey! You are my True North.


Michelle said...

happy anniversary! what a sweet love story too!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Happy Anniversary!


Cherdecor said...

That just goes to show that if the Lord is in the marriage, it will be a success! Happy Anniversary to the both of you and may you have many more!

Anita said... sweet. Happy Anniversary!

Amy said...

Congratulations to you both!