Sunday, January 20, 2008

Perplexing Story?

There seems to be much controversy over the movie "the Golden Compass". So, not having seen the movie or read the books, I did some searching for Christian reviews, and listened to some on tv and radio (not all of them Christian views).
What I found was interesting and shed some light on just what the movie is about according to the books (confusing as it is). Apparently the movie is watered down greatly from the books in order not to offend religious families, so the meaning of a lot of the symbolism is overlooked. I want to link you to some articles loaded with information so you can come to your own decisions. Here is a round-table discussion on Crosswalk, this interview on Fox News, and this review on Christianity Today Movies. I know these are a little long, but you will pick up more and more insightful information as you go along. Hope these will be a help for those of you who are interested.
I also went to the video store and rented "Beyond the Golden Compass". Though it doesn't give much of the religious insight, it explains more of the symbolisms. Call first, because there aren't many copies out there.

In case some of you will be asking, I do not recommend this movie based on what I know so far. Even though Philip Pullman's books are fantasy, they convey his outspoken atheistic beliefs, maybe not as much in the movie. The movie will most likely cause children to want to read the books, and it is the 2nd & 3rd books that get into stronger anti-Christianity and contrary lifestyle so it is best to be aware of what they will be confronted with.

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Cherdecor said...

I am not much into movies. I know one thing about Hollywood,they have an agenda and that is to mess with Biblical Truth so I usually stay away from them. Good for you to search out the truth of this movie and alert people. You go girl!