Monday, February 18, 2008

40 Martyred Soldiers at Lake Sebaste

One of the more popular early church persecution stories happened in the 4th century, and is depicted often in byzantine art. The story has been sensationalized through the centuries to include miracles or amazing feats of courage. But the one fact remains, that these men were cruelly mass murdered because of their belief.

We stand stronger when we stand together. Having Christian friends, and belonging to a band of Believers helps encourage us to stay on the right paths. Even though we are sure in our faith, daily life with unbelievers can slowly pull us down to a secular way of thinking, and we forget that we are not living to fulfill our own desires, and that this world is not permanent.
People "watch" those they know to be Christians to see if they really do have a different kind of life, or if there just isn't any point to it.

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