Sunday, February 10, 2008

Heart Sunday

This is the Sunday before Valentines Day. This morning our pastor talked about the fellowship Jesus has with His disciples and how the greatest commandment is to love God with all our heart. And the second greatest is to love each other as ourselves. Wow, to think again on all that means. If we follow this we will want to live the way He wants us to, and we will desire to spend time with other Christians. We may not have chosen them to be in our "family", but our Heavenly Father has, and that should be good enough.

Another passage of scripture he mentioned that always touches me was John 14. This chapter is a favorite for many believers because of the reassurance and hope Jesus gives to us. Scripture devotes a big chunk, John 13-17, to cover this powerful "good-bye". Jesus knew this would be the last amount of time He would be able to spend with these special ones that He selected to be bonded to for the last 3 years. Wanting to prepare them for what is going to happen yet knowing they can't understand it all right now, but He will cause them to remember all He has said. As they grow confused, with heavy heart He answers their questions, gives them instructions, and promises not to leave them alone but to send the Holy Spirit to guide them. Humbling himself and washing their feet He shows His concern about them loving each other, and not letting sin hinder their fellowship with Him.
I have only touched on all the love that is pictured in these chapters. Whenever I read this I usually imagine myself having to leave someone I love, knowing I'll never see them again until we meet in heaven. I'd want to give them important instructions to help them in life, hoping they will love and help the others that I love, but they just don't seem to get the importance of it all. I think of how they will feel abandoned and confused at first. It's a weak comparison, I know.

Then after Jesus prays for His disciples, before they go to Gethsemane, He looks at His children that will live in future years to come. He prays for you and me too, here in this age. I love to think about that, with all thats going on there, He included me. I can't help but feel my heart is full, and at the same time I mourn my pitifulness. But He always offers to wash my stumbling`feet, again and again. Just as I should do to the brethren He gave me.
When we think of our Valentines this week, think first of the only One who loves us more than we could ever know how to love.

The first Valentine?


Mimi's Toes said...

This is such an awesome post Linda. I feel so refreshed and it is like a bible study. You are such a brilliant writer.
I use to sing a song when I was a teen called "Don't let me walk too far from Calvary" it talks about Gethsemane.

Wendy said...

For being in a "blogging slump" you hit this one out of the ballpark. The first time I read Jesus' prayer for us, I got chills. How awesome is His love for us!

I hope you are having a very blessed week. :)