Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Never-ending Helpful Hints

I spent hours at this address. After finding out what I needed to try for burned food in my pans, I just kept looking up other problem solving info from the sidebar. I like that there are a lot of people giving their opinions on what has worked and not worked in their particular case. Then I went to this one too, and this one. There's even one for cleaning camping dishes with no soap. I couldn't make me stop! Needless to say they are in my favorite bookmarks, but I'm afraid to visit them again.

These are only a few troubleshooting places I like, there are so many of them out there.
An elderly woman used to live next door and she told me a few old remedies that worked good. Put Road Apples (found at farm markets) all around your homes' foundation in early Fall to keep mice from finding their way in when the weather turns cold. Cucumber peels, at the points of entry, keep ants off kitchen counters. Hold a freshly cut piece of onion on a bee or wasp sting, cutting fresh pieces until the pain is gone (usually an hour), and no swelling.

Do any of you have helpful hints sites you like to visit? I would like a good one for home remedy first aid, like what grandma did for "boo-boos" and such. Or should I ask? I might get lost in a vortex for several days!


Aimee said...

That hydrogen peroxide tip will inevitably come in handy. Thanks for the great site referral!

Mimi's Toes said...

I put some vinegar in the pan and it loosens the food right away. If it is really bad, you can boil vinegar with water in the pan for a few min.