Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day - Eve, The Mother Of All Living

Eve's humiliation must have been debilitating when she realized what it really meant to be deceived by Satan, when her eyes, along with Adam's, were opened to the knowledge of good and evil. This is evident when they tried to cover their shame and hide from God. Though they had to live with the consequences, their Father clothed them in forgiveness and gave a promise for their future. Eve may not have fully understood God's curse on the serpent, but in her despair she could treasure the hope that one of her own offspring would destroy the one who led her to this predicament, overturning the wickedness that she had taken part in.
With the gift of each child came the confirmation of God's promise for that coming Redeemer. I wonder if she imagined that one of these immediate sons would be the one to crush the evil one that haunted her daily. I think I would have anticipated every day to be the fulfillment of that freedom. I'm sure it crushed her heart to have to live through evil once again taking hold of her family when Cain killed Abel, no doubt longing for her sin-free Eden. In fact every time that tempter made himself known to all the generations that she lived through, she found comfort in those sacrifices that reminded her of her Father's mercy and grace.

The godly line that came from their grandson Enosh (Gen.4:6), which lives through the faith of millions today, proves to be an infinitely more enduring legacy than her sin. Heaven will be filled with her redeemed offspring, eternally occupied with celebrating the work of her Seed.*

*Some exerpts taken from Twelve Extraordinary Women - ch. 1, J. MacArthur

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