Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Frugality pt. 4

I've been off the computer for a while, partly busy, partly brain freeze. But I thought I should finish up my posts on Frugal Christmas.

Here are some gift ideas for CHILDREN that may help stimulate creativity. Sorry I haven't taken the time to Google for pictures of these:
1. Terracotta flower pots with a few patio paints and stencils or sponge stamps (from craft store). You could even add potting soil, seeds and water can or mister.
2. Personalized shirt. Give a solid blank T-shirt, cap or pillowcase with a few colors of brushable fabric paint, shaped sponges or stencil. Let them draw or write what they want on it.
3. Photo puzzle. Enlarge a photo of their pet, friend, grandparents, etc, glue it to a piece of heavy poster board, foamboard or illustration board. Cut it into pieces with a razor cutter like a puzzle to fit together.
4. Art supplies. A roll of blank newspaper from your newspaper printer. Add assortment of crayons, markers, chalks, stencils & stamps. You could even add an editor's cap and apron.
5. Building blocks. If you have a table saw, make a bunch of different shaped building blocks. For the older child make pieces that will become a treasure box, bird house or other small object. Include hammer and small nails.
6. Pet & chart. If you are giving a pet to your child, include a care book and a chart of responsibilities and rewards to motivate the care of the pet. *(A hermit crab is a low maintenance pet and one that they can easily carry around. My daughter would let it crawl on her tummy while she lay watching tv, or on her bed as she did homework.)

As always, I would like to hear your other ideas, so feel free to share.

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