Monday, December 3, 2007

My First Meme

I got tagged the other day for my first meme by Strawberry at Potential and Expectations. I have to agree with her that it's a difficult one, so it has taken me a little while to focus and come up with some answers about what secret pleasures I feel guilty about. It'll take a bit longer to think of ones that no one would expect of me, because I'm already pretty open about my shortcomings before I even get to know you well. So alright then, besides my more obvious faults, I'll just list some that I'm more secretive about so you can think even less of me. Oh Yeah, doesn't that sound like a good idea?!
6 guilty pleasures no-one would expect you of having
I talk to myself extensively. Actually it's not to myself, I imagine a discussion I might have with someone about a certain topic (so far I know they're not really there with me). I'll even go back and re-phrase my dialog so it sounds more intelligent.
2. I over-buy groceries. I hate to shop for clothing. Maybe because it takes to long to find something that will fit in enough spots that I won't have to do too much tailoring. On the other hand I could spend all day in the grocery stores looking at new products, deciding how much extras I should have on hand, reading the labels, or picking up bargains for someone else. So I end up buying too much and not having a place to put it.
3. Staying in my PJ's as long a possible in the morning. I'll usually wait til I get done with some of the housecleaning so I don't smell up my clothes. If the mail person comes to the door with a package I just say I'm feeling a bit under the weather (liar, liar...). If I have to run out to the grocer, I'll just put a coat over my sweats, this doesn't work in summer.
4. I often indulge in the distraction of insignificant details; on tv, while driving, in photos. I miss what else I'm supposed to be paying attention to because of looking at what's in the background.
5. Procrastination. Probably more than most others when it comes to housecleaning. That's right, at my age I'm finally slowly giving up the battle. But I don't want visitors to be too uncomfortable, so a quick dusting, throwing misplaced items in bags and put in our bedroom (or in a box in the garage), and dirty dishes in the oven (I learned that one from my mom) is a quick temporary fix.
6. Watch too much TV. At times I give in and will veg in the recliner, sometimes even getting a nap there. I try to resist, but it is a guilty pleasure. I like a variety of shows and movies as you can see in my profile, so there is always something to temp me on our satellite. When I need to get my on schedule caught up the TV has to be off.

6 guilty pleasures you wish you had the courage (or money) to indulge in
1. Play the piano well. Again, I took lessons when young, but traded it off for learning the flute. I did keep up the flute through high school, though I wasn't good at it. But I always wished I could play all the harmonious parts on a piano and sing along, which you can't do on a flute. Most people do wish they had kept up with piano.
2. Travel. I don't want to go everywhere, especially if it's not a safe place or if no one would understand me. I would just like to look at beautiful countrysides, it's very different in person.
3. A yard full of flowers. I'd have to have the money to pay someone to do it because of health reasons, but I would like to have an attractive 4 season yard.
4. A yard/ house full of dogs, all rescues. But I would need a bigger place and someone to come in once a week to help keep everything clean.
5. Open more homeless shelters. So many places have waiting lists. What do families do when they can't get in?
Open more orphanages and clinics in 3rd world countries. Don't those pictures break your heart?

Well, the last part of this meme is to name the 6 pleasures you once considered guilty but have now made peace with. This has already taken more time than I intended to, it really took a lot of thought. So I'll have to just leave it here, and for those reasons I won't tag anyone for this meme, but if you want to take on the challenge - be my guest.


Strawberry at said...

WASN'T it a hard meme to do?! LOL! I'm going to tell myself that it's just because I don't do much to feel guilty for... and that can't be a bad thing. ;)

As We Sail... said...

that's a very good thought!

Cherdecor said...

I can tell by your meme that you are a fun person . . and Your dreams of having a yard full of flowers resonates with me. . . but the house full of dogs? I like dogs, but outside please. I had dogs at one time and on a rainy day, the dog odor overcame me. So, no more dogs. So what do I have in my house instead of dogs? SNAKES!! Our son have many caged snakes downstairs. He is allergic to animal hair so.......
YIKES! I have learned to live with it.

Tracey said...

I totally do the conversations with myself. To the point, in fact, that I get angry with my husband for not knowing what I was "talking" about when he never even heard me speak!