Sunday, March 16, 2008

Support the Right to Homeschool

Biblical Womanhood On-line has all the info about the California Court of Appeal's recent decision over homeschooling.
Please take time to support the California Call-To-Action Campaign and sign this petition from (click on the icon)

You don't have to live in California, just in the United States and territories. This will eventually effect all states and territories.

I had (partially) homeschooled my daughter for only a few years through Jr High, and I am so glad that we still have the liberty to make that decision. Like everything else, there are always going to be those that abuse this right, so bad press puts the rest at risk. We have to prevent more and more restrictions on a parent's right to do what they feel best for their child. Before you support a Bill that will restrict any of our freedom's for the sake of protecting against abuse, make sure there isn't already enough laws in place that just aren't being enforced (which there are in this case). Heaping on unnecessary laws can lead to a Big Brother government that will no longer be accountable to it's citizens.
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