Monday, March 31, 2008

". . . In A Melancholy Way"

Do you feel like the song from State Fair describing lovesickness? Well, if you' haven't fallen head-over-heels for someone, it may be Spring Fever.
I've read that Spring Fever is what happens to your immune system when, after the cold winter, it becomes suddenly warm, instead of gradually, and puts a strain on your body trying to adjust to the sudden change.

Other articles have said that it has nothing to do with the weather, only the pollens of spring, therefore it's really allergies. People may not think it's allergies if they don't have the common allergy symptoms. The less popular allergy symptoms are headaches, nausea, digestive problems, or lethargy (feeling drained and listless). You will probably know if this is the case if an antihistamine or a natural remedy makes you feel better.

In an old black & white Tom Sawyer movie, he was out-of-sorts with his aunt, so she said he must have Spring Fever and made him take some cod liver oil. Nowadays we know that essential fatty acids (like fish oils) are good for the immune system, inflammation and other allergy symptoms. See this informative article.
This article, explaining the 'Hygiene Hypothesis', states that allergic reactions might have something to do with our lack of tolerance to dust mites and other organisms that didn't use to bother us much in years past, until our society started keeping things too clean. ?

Whatever the theory about Spring Fever, it should pass when the wacky weather changes calm down and the pollen counts decrease.
But if your Spring Fever is caused by the Love Bug, here is one remedy that may help. "The treatment of lovesickness requires that the individual develop reliable sources of unconditional love." Robert F. Foreman PhD
Such sources of unconditional love should come from family members, best friends, and more importantly from a close relationship with the One who created you. You will be more likely to tone down that obsessive "needy" feeling, or to get over unrequited love if you nurture other relationships where you feel secure and accepted, just the way you are.

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