Sunday, March 9, 2008

Make A Difference For One More Person

Do you want to give a little girl the opportunity of a half-way decent education?
Years ago, while on a missions trip, my daughter and son-in-law developed a special bond with a young Christian couple struggling to make a living. It is very expensive for most parents in that country to put a child into a school that will offer enough of an education to keep them from having to raise their own family in the squatters shacks that so many have to use for a home. This is the hope they have for their child. But in comparison, it doesn't seem like that much to us Americans. So Deliverance and Josh had taken on the task of helping to pay schooling fees to J-'s parents to give her that education, who faithfully give reports of her progress with each report card.
Now support has dropped off, and because of some unexpected financial strain, they cannot make sure J- will be able to stay in her school. They (and a few of us supporters) may be able to send a little to her family, but not nearly enough to cover the $600 this year that will let her continue.
I will not give J-'s name or the country she lives in because of the very real possibility of kidnapping of any person receiving money from us "rich Americans".
This a picture of a family living in a squatters village, because they couldn't go to a school that gives them the ability to acquire a good job. J-'s parents hope she will not have to grow up to live in one of these make-shift villages.

To read more about this story, or to find out how to donate (no matter how small) please go to the blog that Deliverance set up just for them, which is also on my sidebar links. There will be updates about J-'s schooling as they come in. Every little bit helps "one person at a time".

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