Friday, March 21, 2008

Messiah - Our Atonement

As we remember Christ's sacrifice, think on this picture that I was told recently.
John 20:12 tells us a second angel accompanied the first angel in Christ's empty tomb--one was at the head of where the body once laid, and one was at the feet. That beautiful picture is reminiscent of the Ark of the Covenant. On the top of the Ark of the Covenant was the Mercy Seat, where atonement was made for sin. Cherubim were positioned on both sides of the mercy seat. In the tomb the angels were positioned on either side of the absent body of Christ--the same body that was offered as the atonement, the satisfaction for the sins of the world.

Wondering why Easter is coming so early this year? Here are interesting facts about that from Life With My Special K's.
You can have the dates of future Easters calculated here.

Also - today is National Down Syndrome Day! Find out why this day is chosen, over at Wonderful Writings.

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