Saturday, November 10, 2007

Beacon of Hope

A lot of people love lighthouses, whether it's because of their individual histories or just because of their purpose. This one is Old Mackinac Point, in Mackinaw City (you can see the 5 mi. long bridge), and the ones at the bottom were right off of Mackinac Island. We've done the whole Mackinaw area twice so far and were told no matter how it's spelled it's always pronounced Mackinaw. Like most places, there's a lot of history (and beauty) there, and we'd like to spend more than just a few rushed days next time, since it's a 7 hr drive for us.
Mariners off of the coastlines needed lighthouses to provide a fixed point of reference in the dark. The first recorded one was one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world, built in 290B.C. Egypt.
It's light was a fire by night and mirrors by day. More info here.
Since Jesus says that He is the Way the Truth and the Light, Christians often associate lighthouses with His
guiding light. In a dark world He enlightens us with his words on how to live so we don't have to crash on the rocks. What Jesus did on the cross for us became a Beacon of Hope to those who benefit from it. Hebrews 11 says that same faith has both certainty and evidence of that final hope that is now unseen, Heaven. God wants His children to be assured, not to have uncertainty. That's faith.


Cheryl said...

I really enjoyed my visit to your place today. You have a beautiful daughter and a handsome son. I hope she had a most wonderful birthday. I enjoyed reading your post. The pictures of the lighthouse were so good. I would love to see this. Thanks for your comment. Have a good week my friend. God Bless.

Lynn said...

I love lighthouses so much I had a mural paointed on two walls in my home of a lighthouse. The old hymn, Jesus is the lighthouse is one of my favorites. Great post.

Nise' said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hello! I enjoyed this post! We have a lighthouse and I know I will be reminded that He is my guiding light the next time I see it. I am 5 hours south of Mackinaw!! Have spent many hours in that area.