Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Christian Artist

I just love the art of Ron Dicianni, so much meaning in each one of them. In the books where his prints are featured he also writes the stories of how he came to paint each one the way he did. I bought the "Tell Me..." series of children's books that are put in simple language for children, but I love them just as much. The covers are so big and colorful that they would be interesting coffee table books for everyone to enjoy, but we don't have a coffee table. The whole list as far as I know is: Tell me the Stories, ...the Secret, ...about Heaven, ...the Truth, ...the Promises, ...Why. His art is also featured in many other books, you'll just want to frame each page.
Take a look at some of them on this site. And see more of them on
A list of all his wonderful prints to look at is here .

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