Saturday, November 3, 2007

A Fortress on Many Levels

While in Scotland last Spring we saw a few of the many castles there. Some have been preserved very well with much elegance about them. Some are in complete ruins. But they all have interesting historical stories for each century they stood. Donnater Castle was the most impressive to me with it's breathtaking seascape. I relaxed with my son-in-law on one of the neighboring cliffsides while my husband and daughter made the leg-wrenching journey (thats their tiny bodies at the base of the castle cliff). It takes a long time to reach it as you can see by the long stairway down one of the cliffs and then up it's high perch. Very majestic and impenetrable. That is until the 17th century when Oliver Cromwell's ships' cannons were able to pummel it beyond repair.

God is our fortress on other levels beyond physical protection. In the Psalms, David praised God for protecting him physically from his enemies, and if the Lord would have him die, his soul had a Fortress he could trust. When Stephen realized that God was not going to deliver him from his earthly enemies, he had peace to trust his soul to the One who bought it, his Fortress. David had many troubles, and always sought the Fortress of God for peace of mind. Paul had learned to be content with whatever situation he found himself in, and many times we are told to be content. It must be hard to do that without always running to the Fortress, learning more of Him, protecting us from the trappings and troubles in this world. Pr.18:10. I hope that will eventually become more second nature to me. I'm like anyone else, often finding it hard to focus on the right level of protection He is wanting me to seek!

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