Monday, November 26, 2007

The Faith of Our Brothers (And Sisters)

Okay, another Christian biography. Well, this one wasn't in book form because she was a very early martyr, probably no record of her life before her martyrdom. Perpetua wrote of her account while imprisoned, and another wrote the account of her death in the gladiators forum. I know, stories of martyrs sounds gross to some people, but I think it is good for Christians to occasionally read one or two. Just like the faith chapter, Hebrews 11, these are accounts of great faith for us to admire and strive for. They also help remind us not to become attached to this temporary world and be prepared to leave it all behind when it's our turn to enter eternity. I hope I will have a fraction of the faith to leave a godly testimony for others to remember when the days He has numbered for me have come to an end.
Fox's book of martyrs doesn't always have much of a story along with the lists of the very early martyrs, but sometimes you can find more story elsewhere by finding the name of the person you want in Fox's and then googling that name with the word martyr. I found several sites for Perpetua, and then found the one with the most information. If you know of an easier way to find martyr stories with the most information please let me know. Here is the one I found for Perpetua
And here is Fox's.
Martyr's hymns #1 #2


Susan said...

Hi Linda,

Thanks for stopping by my blog! So nice to meet you.

I enjoyed your post today. Yes, we do need to remember and honor those who went before us and paid such a great price for their faith.

We love to talk about all the great heroes in Heb. 11, but I love the second part, those who died, believing, looking for "another country".

Blessings to you!


Joyce said...

I am interested in History and Christian history is my favorite. I will check out more about the heroes of our past. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Have a great week.